How to take liquidex?

  1. How to take liquidex?

    i have 1mg/ml liquidex. I'm not exactly sure how to take it. I mean i know you take it orally but thats about it. Do i let it sit under my tongue, do i just squirt it into my mouth and swallow, do i squirt it in there and then drink a glass of water or what?

  2. there are different brands and different might want to specify.

    i mean is it generic?or did you get it from PNP?

    normally i squirt it onto a spoon and lick it then wash down with a tall glass of water.

  3. Drop it in your mouth, squish it around, then swallow.

    (Warning: Tastes like **** )

  4. heheheh inject It...Jk

    Does it really taste that bad YJ?

  5. just like your scope

  6. PNP, you guys should double check your credit cards if u order from em. they charged me 3 times for 1 bottle, and so i called them up, and she was like "oh our machine has been messing up and so we have to repeat the order sometimes, but it ends up going through anyways" i'm like "what the hell"

  7. Thats why ya go to

    And yes, they taste like ****, especially liquid clomid....

  8. lol, YJ .......and for all of you who didn't get it...1 more time so you dont forget.... thats L...I...Q..U...


  9. Simple solution. I went to walmart and got one of those universal ink jet refill kits. They include a syringe with a non sharp syrings that is just perfect for the liquid ancilaries. I fill the syringe, stick the non sharp syringe deep in my mouth and just squirt. Chase it with some grapefriut juice and no real bad taste. You also get very accurate dosing.

  10. You can get a syringe without the needle at most pharmacies for free as well WD. I just walked up and asked and they gave me one, no questions..


  11. I know WYD..I just like the long blunt needle at the end of the refil kits..lets you get the stuff back behind your tounge so you dont even taste the nastiness!

  12. i stole a long blunt tip one from my dad...heh =)

  13. gel caps?

  14. Really why bother with the hassle of the gel caps, if you get it past your tounge, you dont even taste it really.

  15. i'm not really worried about stuff like taste, i just really wanted to know if there more would get absorbed if i didnt like drink something afterwards or anything, that is all.

  16. How aboot dose per day?

    Just makin' sure I take enough, or not too much..

  17. I just use a regular liquid syringe (made for kid's medicine) pull up the 1/2 to 1 cc and then pull up about 7 to 8 cc water and shoot it in the back of my throat. Then drink some more water. I don't have the extension that Wardog has but it still works.

    I use liquid letrozole and it is even worse.

    BTW, I use 1/2 cc (1.25mg) of Letro 3 times a week.

  18. Damn, I must be ****ed up, I kinda liked the taste of the letrozole..go figure!

  19. I think mine is dissolved in everclear, go figure,LOL

  20. I'm new to this forum and finally have a peace of mind about how to take liquidex. This stuff is like swishing gasoline. I hope it's worth it.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by Badluckchuck View Post
    I'm new to this forum and finally have a peace of mind about how to take liquidex. This stuff is like swishing gasoline. I hope it's worth it.
    It beats having boobies
    Without integrity we have nothing.

  22. That's for sure. I'm taking Nolvadex as well just to make sure I don't become attracted to myself. With my luck I'll still be the next Caitlyn.

  23. 12 year old thread resurrected from the dead.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Jokers View Post
    12 year old thread resurrected from the dead.
    These are questions that people still need to know, it's nice to see someone doing research via old threads instead of starting a new one
    Without integrity we have nothing.


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