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    I just got my order of 1 bottle of Anabol-x and one bottle of Trenabol-x should I just follow the instruction on the bottle or should i separate the doses to 2ml in the morning and 2ml 30 min before my workout.Also order a 180 pill bottle of hydroxadrine for after my cycle.

  2. You really should of had this mapped out and understood before you bought anything! You seperate your doses by time, not activity. Take your first dose in the morning and then the second 12 hours later. Workout or not has nothing to do with it. Depending on how long your cycle is going to be you had better have something on hand more than Hydroxadrine.

  3. yikes!

  4. holy snikes!

  5. What is Hydroxadrine?

  6. Originally posted by T-Bar
    What is Hydroxadrine?
    hydroxycut/xenadrine combo. Sage


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