A freinds cycle to look at

  1. A freinds cycle to look at

    My buddy that is a complete computer Elliterate , So he asked if I would put his cycle up and see what you guys think. Hes like 29 with some decent b/f, Hes done I think 4 or 5 cycles and has lifted for about 12 years or so, I guess hes trying to gain as much mass without gaining to much bloat
    Weeks 1-12 Testostrerone Enanthate 750mg Split/ Done Mon,Thurs
    Week 1 Testosterone Propinate 150 EOD-Jumpstart
    Week 2 Testosterone Propinate 100 EOD-Jumpstart
    Week 3 Testosterone Propinate 50 EOD-Jumpstart
    Weeks 5-12 Dbol 40mg ED
    Weeks 1-20 Airemadex .5mg(Guess hes real prone to estrongenic sides)
    Weeks 15-17 Clomid theray Day Stardard300/100/50
    Weeks 1-17 Finasteride 2 mg ED I think he is taking this to see if it will help with his prostate and I guess baldness runs in his family

    Let me know what you huys think? I think Hes also gonna ad some b6 tablets and I am looking over a protocal for getting his cholestoral back on track.

  2. Little long on the dbol its it? And just wondering why he is tampering the jumpstart of prop? Why not do say 100 mg/day

  3. Any cycle with dbol for that long is a bad cycle...tell him to cut it down to 4 weeks and to not taper down on the prop.

  4. The thing with tapering the propinate is that your working with the enanthate. The enanthate will be building up over the 3 weeks so you taper out the propinate, so not to casue a testosterone fall off

  5. Why is he splitting up the enan to twice a week?

  6. To keep more steady testosterone levels


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