bloodwork problems, need solutions

  1. bloodwork problems, need solutions

    I am having some difficulty getting my bloodwork done when i want it done.

    before i started ph's I went to get a baseline test through my family doc. then after a 1ad/4ad cycle i went to the same doc to get tested again.

    so a week later she calls me up and says she is very concerned that my test and liver enyzmes are ****ed (duh). i don't tell her about my cycle but rather wait for my pct to finish and get another one done. now my bloodwork comes back normal again. but i'll have to go back after my current SD cycle to get another one done and go through the whole thing of trying to explain why my t levels went to the ****ter again.

    basically, how do i get my bloodwork done without having to request it from a doctor? Its really a hassel scheduling an appt with a doc so that she can give me the lab sheet and check-up everytime i want to get tested.

    help me out. thanks.

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    I think there are places online that you can pay like $35 and not have to use insurance to get bloodwork done....I'll see if I can find those sites...basically, you get to choose the tests you want ran.


    This is the one I always use, very good and fast service, get results over e-mail next day

  4. Quote Originally Posted by DmitryWI

    This is the one I always use, very good and fast service, get results over e-mail next day
    cool. i glanced at some of the ordering details on the site. let me see if i have this correctly.

    i call them up to place an order, then they mail me a lab sheet, i take that sheet to a designated lab near me, they draw the sample, then send it in for analysis, then contact me with the results.

    basically, i won't have to be packaging and mailing samples of my blood myself right?

    because i could definetly forsee a really disturbing packaging mishap at the post office if that were left up to me. lol.

  5. You can basically go in to your dr's and say you havent been feeling yoursef lately and request a bloodtest. They ask you what tests you want done and just ask for testosterone, cholesterol, lipids, the whole works. I did that and the doc was like ok cool. All i had to pay was my co-pay to go in for the appointment (10 bucks) and then i took most of the tests that day but had to come back for the cholesterol one the next day after fasting. Not a bad deal.

    Side question: Could i have just said "look doc, im going to be taking a prohormone/steroid that could potentially mess with my lipids and blood leves and i want to get baseline work done so i know what the norms are, hook me up"? Would that be cool with them?

    PS - that website is expensive as hell!

    Panel includes:
    -CBC (HGB, HCT, RBC, WBC, Platelet Count) $35
    -Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
    (albumin, alkaline
    -----phosphatase, ALT (SGPT), AST (SGOT),
    -----bilirubin (total), calcium, carbon dioxide,
    -----chloride, creatinine, glucose, potassium,
    -----protein (total), sodium, urea nitrogen (BUN) $20
    -TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) $35
    -----Urinalysis w/microscopic $20
    -----Lipid Panel (Cholesterol HDL, total cholesterol,
    --------triglyercides, Cholesterol/HDL, LDL, VLDL
    --------calculations) $35 -C-Reactive Protein (high sensitivity CRP) $28.50
    -PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen/screen $45
    -Testosterone-Total $30.00

    Individual test cost: $248.50 Panel cost: $170 Panel saves you $78.50

  6. Thats a good deal. Quest diagnostics in my area wants $330.00 for test, free and total alone.

  7. Proposed Stickie Draft Has what you have been looking for.

  8. Here's something to look into, and I'm not sure how HIPA affects this now. BCBS used to make most of your medical history available to your employer, since they were paying for it. If your "x,y,z" test results were poor it could affect your ability to get life insurance later. Plus do you really want to run the chance that your employer finds out that you are taking a now illegal drug? Our BCBS policy only covers a specific amount of testing, for instance cholesterol tests every 12 weeks if the doctor has prescribed medication for it. Just some things to think about, but I would research you personal situation before getting too much testing done through insurance.

  9. nice B5110, That is a good resource for blood panels and a great idea for a stickie

  10. Be honest with your doctors


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