switching from nolva to 6 oxo for pct

  1. switching from nolva to 6 oxo for pct

    i'm 6 days into my pct for a sd cycle and i lost the only bottle of nolva that i have so my only option was to get some 6-oxo cuz it would take a couple days to get some nolva in if i ordered it online. i got instone forza-t which is 6-oxo plus tribulus. the bottle recomeends 3 caps 1-2 times daily, just wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to wat dosage i should take. how many caps do most ppl use while on 6-oxo, each forza-t cap contains the same amount of 6-oxo as a regular 6-oxo cap.

  2. There is someone on BB4U that is using oxo and he started at like 900mg. Seems way expansive. I would hurry up and order some rebound. If you want a link, I got mine for 26$

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