Just need some advice on Powertec rack...

  1. Just need some advice on Powertec rack...

    I posted this in the "supplies" section of the forum already, but i need some pretty
    quick advice on whether i should jump on this deal or not? Sorry if it causes trouble,
    but i figured someone here would give me a straight shot answer....Anyway....

    I have a chance to buy this Powerteck rack and Powertec utility bench. Here is everything included w/pics.

    1.power rack with the safety spotter bars
    2. barbell "rest" pins
    3. pull-up/chin-up handles
    4. dip attachments
    5. complete bench (assembled)
    6. leg curl/leg lift attachment w/ collar
    7. original documentation
    8. extra bench back.

    All this for $400.

    I am just starting my home gym and have read many good things about powertec equipment and at this price, I think it is a pretty good deal. Anyone have opinions? What would you do?
    Pics of the set are included
    Attached Images Attached Images     

  2. great price, run with it!From what i recall its retail price was $899.00

  3. I have several powertec pieces of equipment. Well worth the price and very good quality equipment for any home gym.. I'd grab at that deal

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