anadrol sides

  1. anadrol sides

    I know anadrol is hard on the liver, but is it also hard on blood pressure and lipids profiles?

  2. Yes sir Anything 17 alpha alkylated is going to cause cholestrol and blood pressure issues.

  3. I understand that....I am wondering about the degree of damage/problems. Some 17aa's are worse in reference to certain conditions compared to others.

  4. it may depend on the individual also. While some 17-aa's are "harsher" than others, so are some people more sensitive to this, so it's hard to give you much other than:

    1. yes, it will more than likely have a negative effect on your lipid profile and BP
    2. the severity will depend on your unique reaction, dosage, and length taken, among other factors
    3. this is a risk you take with AS no matter what you take. Be prepared (supps, diet, etc) and plan a safe cycle

  5. anadrol is supposed to be the harshest per dose (100mg or more)...however mg to mg m1t is by far the most deadly!

  6. amen...M1T is the DEVIL!!! lol

    i would go with anadrol or d-bol anyday over M1T...not to mention the lethargy M1T causes...blah



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