Log of my Superdrol, 1-ad, 4-ad cycle.

  1. Log of my Superdrol, 1-ad, 4-ad cycle.

    I'm 25 years old and I've been lifting since I was 16. More so in the last 3-4 years.

    Current Weight: 165
    Height: 5'7
    body fat: 8-9%

    Past cycles: #1 low-dose 1-ad only. followed by only 1 bottle 6-oxo
    #2 S1+ followed by 1 bottle 6-oxo
    #3 S1+ followed by nolva at 20mg/day for 1 week, and 10mg/day for 2 more weeks.

    I've been free of any prohormones for 6 months and ready to start my 4th cycle. My last cycles didn't really do much for me aside from temporarily increasing my strength. Size gains were mostly water/glycogen/fat since most of them were lost in my opinion. (aside from maybe 2-3 pounds). I am basically using this cycle to try to gain muscle but I am planning to stay lean and only gain 5 pounds of bodyfat at most during the 12 weeks. Am basically using some of the remainder of my "stock".

    My planned cycle

    ON Cycle:

    Week 1: 10mg Superdrol
    Week 2: 10mg
    Superdrol, 300mg 1-ad
    Week 3: 400mg 1-ad 10 sprays 4-ad
    Week 4: 500mg 1-ad 10 sprays 4-ad
    Week 5: 10mg Superdrol, 500mg 1-ad 10 sprays 4-ad
    Week 6: 10mg Superdrol, 10 sprays 4-ad


    Week 7: 30mg Nolva, 50mg Clomi
    Week 8: 20mg Nolva, 35mg Clomi
    Week 9: 10mg Nolva, 35mg Clomi, 400mg 6-oxo
    Week 10: 10mg Nolva , 300mg 6-oxo, rebound-xt 1/day
    Week 11: 200mg 6-oxo, rebound-xt 1/day
    Week 12: , rebound-xt 1/day


    - Milk Thistle (6 caps daily)
    - Flax oil (2-3 TBSP daily), maybe more during PCT.
    - Creatine, Glutamine daily
    - ECA prior to workout
    - Calories at 3000-3500 daily. 250-300 grams of protein, 350-400 grams carbs, 50-100 grams fat

    My PCT seems like a big grab-bag of items. It seems as though there is no clear consensus on which is best, therefore i am using a moderate dose of all of them at different progressions post cycle. Wanted to use the stronger Nolva / Clomi first, and go with rebound later to give lipids a chance to recover. 6-oxo basically using it (1 bottle) because i have it and want to use it up.

    Any suggestions/questions are appreciated, I plan on beginning this in about 1 weeks time.

  2. I am hoping it is a good sign that no one responded so far! I will take it as my cycle looks ok with everyone.

    Is anyone interested in my day-to-day results, or should I just give a few updates here and there...I know someone else (Redswan) had a similar cycle to this. I am basing it for the most part on Redswans proposed cycle but slightly modified since his looked a little long and a bit too hardcore for me!

  3. Looks like a very well planned cycle PCT inclusive.

    I assume your reasoning for 2 weeks of SD on the start/finish is to minimize the negative sides caused by the methylation?

  4. Mike,

    I think that Superdrol should be run for longer times than most. As long as you are taking supps for your cholesterol levels, then I think you could run it for 4 weeks. I've seen others running it for as long as 6 weeks and say that the gains DO NOT stop after 3 weeks like alot of others say. I guess it's all just personal thoughts and how your body responds to things.

    The REASON that my cycle is set up the way it is, is because of it's length. If you're going for a short cycle, I say run the 1ad and 4ad for all 6 weeks, and Superdrol for either the first 4 or last 4 weeks. (or 3 if you feel better with that) I think you'd be much better off with a traditional cycle for that length than trying to base yours off of mine but shorten it down.

    Get blood tests so you know what you're working with in your body before you start: http://www.health-tests-direct.com/

    Get more protein in your diet. 350g P, 350g C, 75g F seems like a good base, but it might be a bit much for your weight and you might see fat gains. If so, drop the CARBS down lower, not the protein. Also, just want to say, that if you weren't making gains naturally without the PH's, *don't* expect them to be the secret answer.


  5. looks good ..i would run the 4ad the whole time

  6. I was going to try almost the exact same cycle (using 1-Test instead of 1-AD) and got alittle wake up call via MPB gene . I'll be much more prepared in the future. Good luck with your cycle.

  7. Like staypuft mentioned, the reasoning behind the 2 week break of SD was to minimize the sides. I might consider like you say doing a full 3 weeks at the beginning with SD and keep the 1-ad and 4-ad throughout. If I do this, i will open up a third bottle of 1-ad and spread it out so it looks like this:

    Week 1: 10mg Superdrol 200mg 1-ad 10 sprays 4-ad
    Week 2: 10mg Superdrol, 300mg 1-ad 10 sprays 4-ad
    Week 3: 10mg Superdrol 400mg 1-ad 10 sprays 4-ad
    Week 4: 500mg 1-ad 10 sprays 4-ad
    Week 5: 600mg 1-ad 10 sprays 4-ad
    Week 6: 600mg 1-ad 10 sprays 4-ad

    Staying with the same PCT. Just to make sure though, Does this seem like a little too much?

    One more thing, Redswan, you mention that if i am not making gains naturally, this isnt the secret answer...However, most often i see the advice given is to wait until one is reaching there natural potential (ie. wait until gains slow down/stop) before considering PHs. Either way, I am only 25. People make gains well into there 30s from what I see, hopefully this might give a boost to the process.

  8. Grass - I'ma try the 1-test/4-AD/SD soon. Did you have bad shedding problems on this?


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