Planning Next Cycle

  1. Planning Next Cycle

    As some of you will know I've been running my Superdrol log on this forum for a while, I'm currently on Day 9 of PCT and working on planning for my next cycle. I've acquired new bottles of most of my accessory supps like RYR, CoQ10, Fish Oil, Policosanol, Hawthorn, etc. but now it's down to planning what and how much of my actual on-cycle compounds to use.

    Here is what I'm thinking... I want to load up for a week at 10 mg with Superdrol. I gained 1/2 my total weight in my first week on my just completed cycle, so a week should be plenty to go up a few pounds again.

    Next... I want to do something as a cutter. I really am having a hard time figuring out what good a Winstrol-like compound, such as Prostanozol will do for me. I've found some basic information stating that it's good for a cut cycle... but other than that I'm not sure what to expect.

    I am pretty adamant about running the new Elephant Max LMG product after my 1-week SD micro-bulk. Maybe someone that knows something I don't know at this point can tell me if this compound would also work well for a cut.

    Just to break it down again... I want to add a few pounds in the first week with Superdrol then switch over to either just EM LMG or EM LMG / Prostanozol for another 4 weeks after that. My intent is to do a cut while still building a few pounds of new muscle. If this sounds crazy, someone let me know. Thusfar my only real life experience is my recently completed Superdrol cycle which was purely a bulk situation.

    Thanks all.

  2. how are you keeping your gains so far

    hows strength

    hows endurance

    hows the psychologial aspect of it

  3. Quote Originally Posted by smeton_yea
    how are you keeping your gains so far

    hows strength

    hows endurance

    hows the psychologial aspect of it
    Most of it's in my log. So far I've kept 11 of 12 pounds. Strength hasn't decreased but gains are slowing down. Haven't had any issues with endurance, but I haven't done alot of cardio. No negative psychological issues, I'm just excited about making gains.

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