1-andro 4-andro epi and avanar

  1. 1-andro 4-andro epi and avanar

    Hey Guys,

    Looking to get away from the pokes for a bit and just try out some new things.

    So here is what I am looking at.





    Anavar Dragon Pharma

    On Cycle Support:


    ( Also have exemestane on hand if needed )

    ( Caber for libido boost if needed )




    K1ings Blood


    So I am having conflicting information thrown around about dosage and balance. My MAIN CONCERN is maintain libido. For instance Masteron and priviron were god sent equalizers for me. Having the correct dosage of those along with my base and other chemicals gave me that "sweet spot" feeling. I am not aware of the balancing dosages and interactions of PH. Can someone suggest some dosages that are balanced and forgiving on the side effects.

    I have more above then needed of course but just have all of this and some more on hand. Would like opinions of balancing mostly the 1-andro/4-andro/epi

    Also recommendations on the length would be cool too. I have enough Var to kill a small pony so that isn't an issue.

    Thank you in advance.


  2. 1-Andro and 4-Andro do good at 200-300mg, maybe more but Iíve had good results from that. But thatís about all I can do to help here

  3. I’m running 1/4/epi at the moment (I’m assuming mean epiandro?).

    I’m at 340/340/1000 which from my research was the standard dosing protocol.

    Epiandro is supposed to help with libido and for me 1,000 appears to be a sweet spot (others it’s 700, some it’s 1,250).

    Honestly I’m not expert but I didnt think dragon pharma anavar was that strong, it’s a mild enough cycle that some of the supports/pct seem a touch overkill imo. Just nolva or clomid would do it wouldn’t it?

    And caber shouldn’t be needed?

    Exem on hand for sure but as only the 4 andro has a little conversion hopefully you wouldn’t need.....

    Obviously you’ll need you liver support, not sure if ar1macare has that covered or whether you need some TUDCA.

    I’d probably say 8 weeks, maybe up to 10 max.......

  4. ^^^ yup heís right, epi at 1000. If I had more of the 1&4 I wouldíve ran it a bit higher but I didnít, and wanted to stretch it out. Iíve never had any estro effects from 4-Andro

  5. Thank you guys

    Appreciate the feedback.

    I know the on cycle support and PCT is overkill however just listing what I have. I have found caber gives me a nice boost sometimes when your down so to say. Not that it is needed.

    I have everything now and I am looking forward to starting.

  6. Oh also anyone have advise on taking before bed? Keep any of you all up?

  7. Oh also anyone have advise on taking before bed? Keep any of you all up?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Thecanuck99 View Post
    Oh also anyone have advise on taking before bed? Keep any of you all up?
    I'd take the epi pre workout as its effects on trainimg sessions are pretty good. I've been taking my last dose of everything at least 2 hours before sleep time as my first week my sleep was messed up......either 2 a day or 3 a day dosing (am/pm/pwo) will work fine mate

  9. Really appreciate it.


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