PCT for SD safe?

  1. PCT for SD safe?

    Can I do PCT for SD as following:

    Lean Xt (Designer Supps)
    Rebound XT (Designer Supps)
    Clenbutrol (1Week only)
    and Vitamins and health supplements?
    Is this ok? If it is any suggestions on dosage for the clen?

  2. I would recommend nolva or even 6oxo for PCT instead of rebound as your lipids will already be in poor shape, but I see no problem with the LXT or clen..i like clen.

  3. RXT is fine, as it does allow lipid recovery

  4. Quote Originally Posted by mb27
    RXT is fine, as it does allow lipid recovery
    Would you mind stating your source that says that RXT allows lipid recovery?

    Also, are you saying that RXT does not slow down lipid recovery at all?

    Thank you as I am very curious. It seems to be a big debate with RXT as to its effecton slowing down lipid recovery.

  5. sledge said that RXT was specifically designed to go with SD and he doesn't know why people are bad mouthing the two going together.

  6. has anyone had bloodwork done to verify this? i too hear everyone bad mouthing rxt for pct but have yet to see any work done to back up their claims.

  7. FWIW. Here is a quote from Robboe in a thread in the DS section.

    Being a steroidal AI, RXT won't cause negative effects on cholesterol or blood profiles like non-steroidal AI (arimidex/femara) will. RXT is perfect for PCT. Combined with LX and you're singing.
    Here's a link to the thread:
    Lean extreme with nolva?

  8. A steroidal AI such as RXT will not have the same effects on lipids like a non-steroidal AI. I will have some blood work soon on just an RXT cycle, with before and after tests performed.

  9. by this post i meant is it safe to take:
    Rebound XT
    Lean XT

    all at same time during PCT, even tho clen will just be for the first week or two? the thing that had me questioning it is Clen and Lean XT at the same time. let me know , thank u! ^_^

  10. I would like to see the bloodwork. hope your including testosterone levels.

    sorry for getting off topic crozowns. the clen pct in my opinion is a bad idea because you will lose the muscle you just gained. as far as combining clen and LX I dont think it would be a problem but you might bump this to make sure.

  11. I always thought clen was anti-catabolic?

  12. clen IS anti-catabolic. a lot of people use it during pct for that purpose.

  13. i would like to see how a rxt cycle only goes...

  14. i would like to know the answer to this clen issue, would be god to know for future reference.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by wastedwhiteboy2
    the clen pct in my opinion is a bad idea because you will lose the muscle you just gained.
    clean helps you build muscle and lose fat dude...you should be fine...

  16. Awesome! Thanks guys! Really appreciate the input. You guys are great as always, thats why I love this damn forum ^_^

    And yes, I also did some reading and Clen is indeed anti-catabolic, so to use it immediately after a cycle would not make you lose your gains, but sustain more than would have been possible, while allowing you to burn the fat off at the same time, even help u gain some more lean muscle.

  17. what dosages of clen are you going to run through the week?

  18. there is some debate about the clen but I dont know enough about it to give a definite answer.

  19. Well my Clen is 200mcg/1mL so I was gonna go 20/20/40/40/30/20/20. Only one week.

  20. i would use the LXT and RXT for PCT first, then after PCT is over i would run a week of clen if needed.

    and shouldn't you ramp up the same as you do going down? 20/20/30/40/40/30/20

    just suggestions


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