Perfect my pct

  1. Perfect my pct

    aas 12 week cycle

    1-12 test e 500mgs
    1-4 dbol 30mgs
    7-14 hcg 500iu's (i started the HCG one week late, I wanted to start at week 6 but i'm an idiot)

    PCT week 14

    Nolva 40, 40, 20, 20 (I think)
    CEE 5g's

    I am thinking off adding either lean extreme or rebound xt...I dont really have the money for both, so which one is better or should I take out a loan and get them both (is it worth it???)

  2. what is lean extreme and rebound xt made out of? Never heard of them, sound like designer anti-e's like the ones they used to sell along with 'legal steroids', like 'legal anti-estrogens'-they were inferior to clomid and Nolva. Just use nolva or clomid for PCT, most people prefer clomid for pct and nolva during cycle, those are the best anti-e's and they will kick-start your natural test production, I can't believe stacking nolva with those weird anti-e's is gonna do you any good, won't get natural test re-started any faster. also the HCG should have already restored natural test, just close out the cycle with the nolva you already have..

  3. Lean Xtreme is a good addition to post cycle as it allows for cortisol manipulation.

  4. I was just reading about those designer antie's in the other forum, interesting-I guess it's worth a try since it's something you can pick up off the shelf..

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