Superdrol compared to real AAS is a joke!

  1. Superdrol compared to real AAS is a joke!

    all of you bragging about superdrol- must have never tried any real AAS. the results of superdrol are not even close! I can tell you by first hand experience. They claim superdrol has the same propertys as anadrol and say to use it to bulk- my results with anadrol blow these superdrol gains out of the water and it didnt even mess with my lipids as bad. sorry to be negative but superdrol is OVERRATED.So all of you who are on superdrol and think they are on a steroid like anadrol think again boys and girls.

  2. Superdrol is a Supplement...

  3. How are back pumps / cramps when you're on real AAS? Are you able to run fairly easily?

  4. I don't think most people said SD was better than a stack of Test & Tren or Test & Deca to begin with.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Magickk
    Superdrol is a Supplement...
    Yeah a legal supplement but you can technically call it a steroid since it's methyl masteron

  6. Is it just me, becouse i really haven't seen any comparison to any AAS

  7. Yeah man, noone here ever said it was comparable to Those are 2 completely different compounds. I don't know where you're getting this at, but people use different compounds for different I don't understand what you're even getting at? SD are lean gains while dbol, drols, etc. are big mass gainers that aromatize...what's so hard to understand here?

    You can't compare two different things...that;s why there

    SOOOOOO, wtf was the point of your 3rd post here anyways??????!!!!!!


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