PCT: RXT or Ultra HOT

  1. PCT: RXT or Ultra HOT

    what do you guys think? those who have used both for PCT seperately, which did you prefer? those of you who have used one or the other, what do you think of the one you used?

  2. i'd said ultra hot is stronger based on the fact that it contains two AIs (3-OHAT and ATD), even though RXT is very effective and contains the same compound (ATD aka dience-3)

  3. price is a factor with me.

  4. I actually have had greater success with Ultra H.O.T than Rebound XT. I have been on it for about 3 weeks and have been making steady progress in the weight room, faster than I would w/out it. RXT has it's place too, but if you can afford it i'd say try the H.O.T and run it for 4-6 weeks at 4 caps/day, so roughly 2 bottles for 4 weeks are needed. Deck out about 70 bucks (+ shipping) and your set... that's the only draw-back, for the price, RXT seems better. But for results, HOT seems better IMO.

  5. ^^^ yeah that's more a matter of price, but the key active compound presents in both products is ATD

  6. Would it be a waste to stack both of these supplements together?
  7. darius
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    Quote Originally Posted by b_delgros
    Would it be a waste to stack both of these supplements together?
    Stacking both would be like stacking 7-UP and Sprite.

    The only difference is Ultra Hot has 3-OHAT and the price.


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