Proposed First Cycle - Thoughts?

  1. Proposed First Cycle - Thoughts?

    I'm finishing up Activate and with Bobo's muscle building program and am considering starting my first cycle. I'd like to do the traditional 1-test and 4-AD but would like to use Superdrol.

    So, the proposed doses (after reading around here - please note I did use the SEARCH function, it is quite handy):
    weeks 1-6 transdermal 1-test - 200 mg/day
    weeks 1-6 transdermal 4-AD - 100 mg/day
    weeks 1-3 - Superdrol 10 mg/day (pre-WO or in the morning)

    I'm thinking Rebound in a 3 caps/day-2-2-1 format. I also have nolva, thoughts on one vs. the other please.

    The dermals I'll rotate the sites between delts, inside of arms, quads, and tops of feet. I'll split the dose in half and take about 12 hours apart. I have 10 g of 1-test and 12 g of 4-AD in 2 T-gels (already).

    I want just enough 4-AD to make the lethargy that is typical of 1-test bearable. (I can't fall asleep at work.) I might have to work on the dose to see. I don't want to bloat up like a balloon either.

    I'm looking for lean mass and size. I want to get my arms to 17" inches and my pecs much bigger. I'd also like to lean out my abs a bit. Which is why twice the 1-test as 4-AD. I don't want to bulk like a pig, I've read what Beelz and others have said about pigging out.

    I'm 5'11 and 178 lbs as of today. I am probably 10-11 % bodyfat. I'll post pics soon so maybe others can judge the BF.

    I'll stick with Bobo's time under tension stuff. It takes a while to get used to (at least I did), and I like it now.

    Probably stick with my current one. I'm eating a ton. Not sure of the exact cals, but I'd guess over 4000 (more on leg day). Probably over 350 g of protein already and I think about 300 of carbs. Not sure of the fat intake. I plan on adding cals at about a 100 cals/day/week rate once I start to see results (likely early with the SD). I'll be strict with the diet.

    Other supps
    I plan on going with the red yeast rice/fish oil/Co-Q10 stack after PCT to help the lipids. Hopefully I won't have to use an AI to control bloat, but I have arimidex on hand. Might also get some policosanol for lipids. I'll also use milk thistle and NAC for liver support probably starting week 4. Not sure what else. I've got some Alcar I can throw in pre-WO. I've also got some StaminO2 (citrulline) that I'm thinking of using either after the SD or during PCT. I'm planning on getting some CEE to use after I'm done with PCT.
    I'm open to suggestions on other supps. But I don't want to go overboard.

    So, anyway, let me know what you guys think of the proposed stack, doses, PCT, diet, training, or whatever.


  2. I think 1t & 4ad is a good first cycle choice. The sd looks like a good addition to kick start the cycle since the tds will take about 2 weeks to kick in. My only suggestion would be to bump up the 4ad dose. I know you are only wanting to overcome the lethargy, but I don't think 100mg will do much of anything for you. Usually the 4ad dose is somewhere between: equal to the 1t dose to double the 1t dose. 200mg of 1t sounds good for a first cycle, so you might consider starting the 4ad at 200mg. But, don't be surprised if you need to bump that to 300mg as you go. But, everyone is different, so 100mg MAY do something for you, I just kinda doubt it though. Keep us informed and good luck!


  3. Thanks Dave.

    I've thought about the 4-AD dose, factoring in that it has to convert before useful, so I'll consider bumping it up.
    Another thing I thought of is that 200 mg/day will leave me with an odd amount of 1-test left over (10 g is all I have). So, if I wanted to keep it at 6 weeks, about 235 mg/day will cover me for the entire time and use all of it. Or, I could go to 5 weeks of transdermals with 285 mg/day of 1-test.

    What do you think about the 6 weeks vs. 5 weeks?

  4. Personally, I like the longer cycle considering these are transdermals. You can get 4 weeks "on" with the six weeker. Since it takes about two weeks to kick in ( I usually start feeling it on day 11 or 12, some take a little longer), I would go 6 weeks. I think 235mg of 1t would be plenty considering your weight and being a first cycle. Consider the higher 4ad too. I'm considerably older than you, but 4ad makes me feel really good. ymmv


  5. Thanks again bro. I'll stick with the 6 weeks 235 mg 1-test and probably start w/ 200 mg 4-AD.

  6. I would ramp it up as I went through the cycle instead of keeping it constant. The effects will start to diminish during weeks 5 and 6 so I would bump up the dosages.

    Something like this

    week 1 200mg ed
    week 2 200mg ed
    week 3 225mg ed
    week 4 250mg ed
    week 5 265mg ed
    week 6 275mg ed

    This will just about use up all your 1-t. I would also bump up the 4-ad to at least 200mg ed. You will feel really tired all the time if you don't.

  7. Thanks for the feedback. That seems like a good idea. Haven't read of people ramping the 1-test, so I'll see what others say.

    Have you had success with ramping like this?

  8. Are t-gels 120 mL?

    Do you figure 1 g/mL for powders? Or does someone have the density?


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