10 week cycle of 4/1/epi? +dosage question

  1. 10 week cycle of 4/1/epi? +dosage question

    Hey all,

    So I'm getting ready to start a 1/4/epi cycle. I was realizing that my cycle will put me in the middle of my PCT during the holidays and I don't really want to be an emotional rollercoaster during that time if I don't have to. Is there any negative effects of running a 10 week cycle? All I have been able to find is that gains might start to slow down after 8 weeks (true?), or that the suppresssion could be worse at 10 weeks. Anyone have some advice on this?

    Also, Since I am a bigger guy (6'4" 220 ~13%bf), would it be beneficial to increase dosages of 1 andro and 4 andro from 330-440 or 550? Ive always had to increase dosages and supps because of my size and didn't know if this applied to these PHs as well.

  2. Your tall but your not very heavy. If you were 5' 10" and 220 lbs at 10% body fat I'd think you might need an increase in dose, but at 6'4" your bones weigh more so less of the that 220 is muscle than in a shorter person.

    That being said you could bump your dose up at like week six after you've become suppressed to try and counter act that a bit.

  3. I ran 10 weeks of 1/4/EPI with doses of 440/440/1250. There were no ill effects other than I was getting some serious back pumps and muscle cramping towards the end. Taurine didn't even help.. Andros take a while to kick in. They take about 4 weeks for me.

    I wouldn't say gains slow down after 8 weeks but your suppression could be worse. It's a risk reward thing I guess but you should be fine.

    You can increase dosage if you want, but why not start at 330/330/1000 for your entire run and then for your next one...up the dosage. See how it treats you first. If you start at higher dosages, you have no where to go for your next run.

  4. Thanks for your guys input. As of now I'll probably run the cycle for 10 weeks but not increase the dosage. Anyone else have experience with these compounds and running them for 10 weeks?

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