hello, new to the board, question about powder grams to MG

  1. hello, new to the board, question about powder grams to MG

    I was just wondering what you guys use to measure out powder into MG

    say i have 3 grams if tamoxifen citrate...

    how would you guys measure out a consistant, safe dosage...

    or would i be better off ditching it and getting liquid... if so, how would i measure that out perfectly? a dropper?

    i understand the science in it all and the correct dosage but i just don't want to **** UP measuring it out!


    edit- it comes with a "syringe and dosage cap"

    im assuming some sort of oral syringe, wouldnt dosage cap be the same thing as saying oral syringe?

    i have no experience with tamoxifen i only have experience with taking pills

  2. Unless you have a great scale and a lot of time you should not be just taking the powder orally. You should be making mixtures like you are taling about buying. You can use grain alcohol, Bacardi 151, PEG400. There must be threads somewhere on the site about making the solutions probably in CNW's forum.


  3. POKE please read the board rules about posting please..

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