would there be any added benefit to stack Anavar with SuperDrol?

  1. would there be any added benefit to stack Anavar with SuperDrol?

    or what about oral turnibol....or is that too much Mr-McMethyl for your liver?

  2. What are you goals? From my understanding var is great for a cutter b/c of how it creates hardness and vascularity whereas SD seems to be more effective on a bulker b/c it needs the carbs. Both are also 17aa as you mentioned may be a bit rough on you enzyme levels.

  3. i was aiming for a lean bulker.....and for sure I'd be way down with a boost in strength...what about the oral Turnibol...would that stack well with SD or Anavar...or would i be better off just running each compound solo? thanks alot fellaz

  4. forget about it, basically you should never stack two 17aas bro even if it could possibly brings synergistic effects

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