Back after an injury and am looking to run a new cycle.

  1. Back after an injury and am looking to run a new cycle.

    Well I wanted to take this time to say hi to everyone again. I used to be on here quite a bit a year ago and this is the best board of them all. I got hurt last summer at my job and have been off the horse for a while now and lost alot of weight. I am trying to get my weight back as naturally as possible. I went from near 185 and pretty cut, you could see all the vains in my biceps and chest and i had good definition in my abs and everything, well i tore a muscle in my back and dropped all the way down to 150 being on pain killers and all sorts of drugs. Well in the past few months I have gotten up to 167 again with nothing but food protien and dicreatine malate. I have hit a slight stall and i have this bottle of superdrol staring at me. I have run tren and m1t and lots of 4ad transdermals with all of it so i was thinking about it like this.
    week 1 20mg superdrol and 4ad trans
    week 2 20mg superdrol and 4ad trans
    week 3 30mg superdrol and 4ad trans
    and if gains are still coming i would like to run the sd a little longer. I was thinking of also adding a fina dermal to this mix have never done that so it seems interesting.
    I'm getting most my protien from whole foods and am eating alot of long grain and brown rice and cream of rice and oatmeal for my carbs. Now i am getting about 3500 cals aday give or take a couple hundred with no refined sugar and lots of fruits and fresh veggies.

  2. Those stats in my sig are from march 07 2004 by the way.

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