Due to hairloss issues I've thought that long term use of finasteride or dutasteride, or both, might be a good idea. However, I don't want that to prevent me from using AAS, should I decide to do so.
Bearing in mind that blocking DHT enhances both estrogen levels and estrogen agonism, I don't know to what degree this might jeopardize HPTA recovery, where estrogen agonism should be maintained as low as possible. However, I also think that typical tamoxifen post-cycle dosages (40mg/day) might be high enough to block not only typical post-cycle estrogen levels, but also increased estrogen levels from DHT blockage plus the former. Even if this wasn't the case, DHT is a powerful HPTA downregulator... perhaps reduced DHT somehow compensates increased estrogen levels and therefore HPTA might be not hindered at all.
I really don't know what to think, what's your opinion?

thank you.