How much liquid nolva = real nolva?

  1. How much liquid nolva = real nolva?

    hey how much liquid reaserch nolva equals 20mg real nolva? Thanks or are they the same???

  2. 30mg liq tamoxifen citrate=~20mg tamoxifen

  3. This has been asked about a thousand times on this board - please try doing some research.

    As noted above - the ratio is approximately 3:2


  4. Don't forget that Customs liquid Nolva is really 20mg/ml of tamoxifen. DO NOT CONVERT

  5. ok good...i was about to say if i took 120 mg of nolva id be mad, but mine was custom's

  6. I just looked and customs is citrate too............

  7. Quote Originally Posted by tommyboy
    I just looked and customs is citrate too............
    I know, the label makes it sound like 20mg of tamoxifen citrate, but it's not, it really 30mg tamoxifen citrate. So it's actually equivalent to a 20mg tamoxifen pill per each ml. I tested one of his current batches myself about 2 months ago. The assay was 149%, that means he's already boosted it to account for the conversion. It comes ready to go. So if you've been taking 3ml thinking you were getting 40mg tamoxifen, you've really been getting 60mg! It's cool though, that's a better PCT dose anyway. Spread the word, because I've had to say this 3 or 4 times now, and people should know not only what a good deal it is, but be aware of the higher dose too so as not to take too much.


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