For those of you that have finished sd cycle & pct

  1. For those of you that have finished sd cycle & pct

    I'm currently on day 10 of my cycle and have been really impressed with the quick boost in strength but I was curious how much of that strength you retain post cycle. Most people have said they put on 10-15 lbs. and kept most of it but I'm more concerned with keeping the strength gains rather than the mass. I don't really have much interest in shooting up to 210lbs. and then lifting the same weights I did at 195. Also, how long after cycle did you start making gains again naturally?

  2. Anybody?

  3. Just finished PCT today from a 3 week SD run. Gained 11lbs by end of cycle now 3 weeks later after PCT net gain of 9. I gained 50lbs on my bench during the cycle and have retained this. I basically kept all of my strength gains. Maybe 1 or 2 less reps though compared to when I was on. This was my 1st cycle ever and 1st PCT and I couldn't be more happy with the results.

  4. erich

    Was that the 1st, 3wk cycle of an on/off/on cycle? What did you run for PCT? I am currently in my 3rd wk of a SD cyc, up 11lbs and plan on nolva for PCT.

  5. Yes that was the 1st. I'm going to do another 3 weeker starting monday. PCT was nolva 40/20/10 and some creatine mono. I did run 2 weeks of clen during PCT so I could keep the cals up and not put on fat. Ended up leaning out a bit from the clen but kept all the strength gains.

  6. Did 3 weeks of 10mg, 3 weeks PCT (with RXT/LXT) and it's been almost 2 weeks since PCT, and I have kept the 13lbs I gained. I did gain 2lbs extra (fat, as my waist went up). I kept my calories the same as during the cycle (3400 40/40/20), but my workouts were less intense. Maybe I need to keep working out 6 days/week?

    Will be trying 4 weeks of Activate as soon as I get my delivery (hopefully Friday!)


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