Please Give Advice and Rate This M1T Cycle

  1. Please Give Advice and Rate This M1T Cycle

    Week 1: PRE CYCLE 3000 mg of milk thistle a day, morning/afternoon/night

    Week 2: The cycle begins. 10mg M1t one pill taken in the morning.
    continue with milk thistle at same dosage, 3000 mg/day

    Week 3-5: 20 mg M1T a day, one in morning, one before workout (going to see how body responds to this much) (should I take 2 pills even on days I dont workout?)
    milk thistle 3000mg a day

    Week 6-9: PCT Begins:
    milk thistle 3000mg/day
    zma 2400mg/day
    Tribulus terrestris 625mg/day
    Chrysin 250mg/day
    LPC 250mg/day

    Please tell me what you think.

    Thanks in advance,


  2. Here are 3 suggestions:

    1) Don't run M1T for 5 weeks :/. Unless you have some HCG you forgot to mention.

    2) Fix your PCT. You *NEED* Nolva or Clomid. That other stuff in there is mostly useless in my opinion.

    3) Do more research. You should be aware of all of these things already.

    M1T is overrated. High potential for every side imaginable and the gains are almost all water.

  3. Would you reccomend 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, 2 weeks on and then 2 weeks off again?

    With pct in the 2 weeks off?

    And the reason I believed chrysin was sufficient was because a number of friends of mine ran that after M1T's and they were doing 20mg+ dosages and had no sides. I have read a lot of things sayin you NEED nolva however, but I have also read from people posting their own experiences, that chrysin was sufficient, (or at least THEY didn't experiences any sides)


    btw, what is HCG stand for?

  4. Chrysin is an aromatase inhibitor. It stops testosterone from turning into estrogen. It's safe to say your testosterone production will be nearly if not completely shutdown around day 7 or 8. By the end of you cycle you will have zilch free testosterone floating around in your system, so aromatizing testosterone will not be a problem therefore Chrysin will not do anything for you. Unfortunately, this is not to say there will be no estrogen in your system (because there will be) and there will be nothing to compete with it at receptor sites making this small amount of estrogen potentially more potent than it would normally be. Nolva and Clomid are SERMS, they are weak estrogens that exhibit little if any estrogenic effects but have an excellent affinity for receptor sites. These "good" estrogens will bind to the receptors more easily than the "bad" estrogens thus preventing them from becoming active and removing them from the picture. Also, how do you know Chrysin worked out fine for your friends? Because they didn't get gyno? I'd be more worried about chronically deppressed test levels.

    Im surprised that you responded to my post 5 minutes after I submitted it which indicates that you have no intention of doing any research into this. You are setting yourself up for disaster.

  5. I would hardly say that most of the gains are water.


  6. 3 grams of MT pre cycle? never seen that before, along with a 5 week M1T cycle.

  7. You definitely need nolva dude, I did 2 cycles of M1T, I am still pretty jacked from it from extra calories off cycle, but I got gyno like a month after, and it came from nowhere. It is going away now but I almost **** my pants when I got it.

  8. Okay I guess I will order some nolvadex online. Pity I have useless chrysin on my hands.

    Thanks very much for your responses, and feel free to give more advice.

  9. Like stated above 5 weeks of m1t is crazy, as low as day 3 of your m1t you could be shut down so that will just give you an idea.

  10. is zma/trib a help at all really for pct? in some other forums they were sayin they are a MUST, but im not gettin that feelin here from what ive read.

    And is chrysin gonna do much at all you think?

  11. i would get zma for on cycle, to help get better, deeper sleep, which will help with recovery and muscle growth. trib i would have not only because its cheap but if youre feeling a little low on the libido, post cycle, and you need a boost at some point, you can start popin a few and it'll help.

  12. He's actually (only) running 4 weeks of M1T (week 2-3-4-5)


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