Electrolyte Management

  1. Electrolyte Management

    While on a DNP cycle I will be drinking in excess of 2 gallons of water. To make sure I have adequate electrolytes, I'll of course be consuming V8. It has 950mg of potassium. How much should I be drinking daily?

  2. for electrolyte balance, a simple, cheap way to go is what red cross workers use in the field to rehydrate people when IV's, etc. aren't available

    1 Liter boiling water
    1/4 cup sugar
    1 tsp salt

    let cool

  3. What kind of sugar should I use?

  4. Don't forget to take magnesium too, and glycerol(AKA glycerin) is often the recommended "sugar" for rehydration when on DNP

  5. Quote Originally Posted by noctorum
    What kind of sugar should I use?
    i use dextrose, but any cane sugar should do the job fine. it's not real important

  6. Quote Originally Posted by chasec
    i use dextrose, but any cane sugar should do the job fine. it's not real important
    I agree, even table sucrose or a fructose blend, I just advocated glycerin because it hydrates without heating. Simple sug's cause major body heating on DNP. Drink 1.5-2gals water/day or more if you can. Your not in the bathroom as much as you might thing, you just sweat it out mostly.

  7. I'm having trouble finding glycerin in supplemental form. Any brands specifically that carry it?

    And I always thought glycerin was a liquid, how would that convert into how much to add to the water?


  8. I know BN sells it as the NOW brand, and yes it's a very hydroscopic liquid. It is very common, you could find it many places I'd think. Here's a basic protocol that suggests ~50ml/day:


  9. So..

    1 Liter boiling water
    50ml glycerin
    1 tsp salt

    thanks for the help


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