Should I give Rebound XT a try?

  1. Should I give Rebound XT a try?

    Hey guys, welcome to my first post after reading posts on this forum for quite some time. Anyways, back to the point. During puberty, I developed very puffy and often highly sensitive/painful nipples. I also noticed that there were some significant lumps underneath the nipple. I was told that this would likely go away with time, however, it did not. Now, I am living with very puffy nipples and the other typical side effects associated with gyno. I am an athlete so the surgery is not really an option at this point, as I am training constantly. I purchased some vitamin b6 for cheap at vitamin world to give that a try and have been taking 300mg a day since monday. What results I thought I had noticed turned out to be wishful thinking, and I don't really think I should keep taking this, as I have read it can be toxic in high doses. So alright, through all this rambling on, what I am trying to get at is would rebound xt, given my age, athletic status, etc etc, be a good idea to get rid of my gyno? If you have some ideas for me, or if you need extra information, please post. Thanks.

  2. you'd have to try it for yourself and see bro. it's working for a lot of people with AAS related and pubertal gyno. some guys, on the other hand, it's not working for. personally, it worked great for me after a test/tren cycle. within 5 days, the lump i had was completely gone. good luck with it bro.

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