PH's and hair

  1. PH's and hair

    Hello i was wondering if i should expect more facial and body hair during my cycle? I am a asain and i have like next to no facial hair and very little leg hair, and absolutly no body hair (chest and back). Should i be expecting any while on my super one + cycle? Thanks in advance.

  2. i am on day #17 of my t1pro cycle... my facial hair seems to grow in faster then normal and looks to be a bit darker. i have also niticed the odd black hair growing in on my chest/shoulders (the rest is blonde... like really light). so, i think is it doin something to the hair growth... but i am not turning into an ape or anything

  3. Androgens can increase FSH output, so you could notice increased body hair. Too bad it doesn't work this way on the scalp.
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  4. i take it u are a bit thin up top pogue??

  5. Androgens stimulate the growth of body and facial hair the same way they inhibit the growth of scalp hair. The difference is a matter of genetic expression.

    For you to grow extra body hair, the follicules would have to exist in the first place. So if you have 'em there's a good chance you'll see growth --especially at points of application.

  6. Originally posted by Nicolai
    i take it u are a bit thin up top pogue??
    No, but I start getting very paranoid when on a cycle. I definitely have a full head of hair, but I'm concerned I might of lost a little around my scalp. I'm definitely going to be picking up some spiro next cycle round.
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