Hey guys, how does this cutting stack look?

  1. Hey guys, how does this cutting stack look?

    weight: 186
    BF%: 18
    Routine: M-chest/shoulder/tri
    TH-HIIT Cardio
    S-HIIT and abs

    Max lmg @ 4/day
    Clen HCL 2 weeks/ EC stack 2 weeks
    multi's, flax, whey, casein and CEE also

    What do you guys think?

  2. how's your diet look?

  3. pretty good.

    i'm gonna take in 2400cals -- 53F/250C/230P

  4. hmm, looks pretty good to me then. haven't tried Max LMG yet, so i can't comment directly on that. alternating clen/ec for 2 weeks at a time works good and is common practice. anyhoo, back to the diet, would you mind going into specifics? such as how many meals, what times, what time do you workout, what do the meals consists of, etc? these kinda details will make it easier to help with your 'cutter'.

  5. Meal 1: 7:00am
    1/2 c oats with natty p. butter and honey
    100% whey w/ 8oz 2%milk

    Mea 2: 9:00am
    apple and 2 whole eggs

    Meal 3: 12:00
    turkey sandwhich
    80z skim

    Meal 4: 3:00pm
    sc. whey w/ 8oz 2% milk
    1/2 c. oats

    Meal 5: 6:00pm preworkout
    3/4 c. oats
    natty p.butter and honey
    2 light tuna sandwhiches on wheat w/ mustard
    green veggie

    Meal 6: Post workout
    1/2-3/4 c oats
    2 sc. whey w/ 2%milk

    meal 7: before bed (around 11:00pm)
    casein shake with 2%milk

  6. well day 3 already and my weight is at 185, with bf dropped already to 16.3%.... i think im gonna run this for 6 weeks but not quite sure yet... i guess i'll see how it goes...

    PCT will be either nolva or rxt (haven't made my mind up yet) , proliver, multis, whey, fish and flax, and i think the creatine i'll go with will be MAN Clout....


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