Discontinue DHEA For SD Cycle?

  1. Discontinue DHEA For SD Cycle?

    I've been taking 50 mg per day for a little less than a month. Should I discontinue before an SD cycle and, if so, how long should I wait before starting the cycle?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Anyone? ^

  3. So I'm trying to figure out if people just don't know the answer or if they won't answer because it was my first post.

    In any case, I've quit the DHEA in preparation for the cycle but would still appreciate some opinions. Thanks in advance.

  4. a lot of guys have purported that DHEA is a great addition in PCT. IMO, i'd cut it out during the SD cycle and start it up once again afterwards at a higher dosage, around 200-300mg ed and ramp it down each week like you would with any PCT product. haven't tried it myself yet but from what i've read, it seems to work great.

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