"Lean Bulk" Question (1test/4ad)

  1. "Lean Bulk" Question (1test/4ad)

    Well im trying to atempt a lean bulk.
    Using 1test/4ad (both trans) with a week of m1t to jumpstart the test.
    I like the 4ad to counter sides of 1test. Worked great in the past.
    Any advice out there on how to keep this cycle as lean as possible and avoid the bloat? In the past i have used lower doses of 4ad, and that did ok. The addition of m5aa was awesome, but i dont have anymore.
    This time i would like to keep the 4ad higher... but of course im greedy and i want to be lean as well.
    Anything else i could add to the cycle to accomplish this? (Diet in check).
    Sorry if this thread is jumbled. Its late and i been reading threads all night so i am in a rush.
    Thanks in advance.....Great forum by the way

  2. If you're gonna use M1T you might as well use it for 2 weeks. "lean bulking" has more to do with your diet than the compounds you use. You can use an AI like Letro or Arimidex to control bloat during cycle.

  3. Bump.
    Thanx IW, note taken.
    I thought about using the m1t for 2 weeks but i hate the sides, m1t kinda scares me. I used it one time in the past and, besides not being very effective, my nipples got itchy for like 2 days and scared the hell outta me. It was the old version of m1t tho.

    1) Will the sides of the addition of m1t be countered by 4ad? It does well against 1test, but i dont know about the addition of m1t.
    2) Think it would be a good idea to keep the 4ad higher while on m1t and 1test, then lower it a bit while just on 1test?

  4. I haven't used M1T yet but many people to take 4-AD because lethargy is an issue. As far the dose you need I would start w/400 mg and gradually increase if necessary, I've never gone beyond 500 mg of 4-AD dermal or 2100 mg 4-AD cyp a week.

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