SD Cycle and PCT

  1. SD Cycle and PCT

    i plan on starting a cycle of sd soon and i have read that during pct for prohormones/anabolics ur supposed to decrease weight and increase reps. i was wondering y that would be if ur trying to maintain the strength and mass gains that u've made while on cycle. is it simply to reduce the risk of injury or is there something behind this. i would think that u would try to maintain the weight u were liftin while on cycle during pct so that u would be more likely to keep ur gains.

  2. when you finish a cylce your testosterone levels are near zero so too much exercise and you will start burning muscle. when you are on a cylce you can do so much more because of the ph/ps you are on. but when you come off you body does not have anything to keep support your muscles. some take that first week off. I have a hard time maintaining gains pct so I take it really light and reduce the # of days in the gym and then taper back up. I'm sure there are others that can give you a more scientific answer.

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