would you cycle with this reading?

  1. would you cycle with this reading?

    total cholesterol 259

    LDL 223
    TGs 110

    doc recommends zocor but im leaning towards niacin/garlic therapy. im not so sure i can cycle because of zocors heptoixicity,any thoughts on this?

    thx inertia

  2. Juice is going to raise bad cholesterol, and lower good cholesterol. If I were you, I would get it under control first, and once you do, stick to shorter cycles.

  3. im hearing that moderate levels of test can inprove the balance between your HDL and LDL.i also read that nolva can improve your HDL which my biggest problem here.i admit i have to get this under control before i cycle.i was hoping that if running zocor while on a cycle would not cause problems but it appears to be to heptoxic and i should stay away from orals altogether.

  4. Search 'bolex about this issue. Someone there has a stack that involves free flush niacin, and it seems to work very well. It was posted in the last 2 months and he has had several people use his method with good success. It is well worth searching for over there.

  5. In fact, this is the thread over there:


    Had it bookmarked...save ya some time.

  6. Originally posted by wardog
    In fact, this is the thread over there:


    Had it bookmarked...save ya some time.
    thanks alot bro thats a great thread,its funny you gave me that thread cuz i actually talked to flex about that the other day and he said to go that route and my liver ALT enzymes should not be affected all that much.so yeaterday i went and bought inositol hexanicotinate (no flush niacin) and it was 40% off at a local store.im going to talk to my doc about it and let you guys know how it goes.

    great thread though,thx man!


  7. make sure that you and your doc are aware that there are thousands of different causes for bad cholesterol profiles. i mean thousands of differrent genetic defects. this is actually the largest kind or inborn errors of metabolism. some people can just alter their diet and be okay, others can take all the bile acid sequestrants and statin drugs and still barely change their cholesterol levels. hopefully you fall closer to the first category. just thought you should know...

    cheers, pete


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