question on clen/keto mix

  1. question on clen/keto mix

    what is the longest period of time you can be on super-clen? i have been on for 9 weeks and i'm noticing that my temp is no longer elevated. i need some feedback on this. thanx, s.norman

  2. that is way to long homie

  3. On my 3rd 2 week cycle of clen now, I start about 40ml/day and end up around 125. However at the end of each of the previous 2 week periods I found that even at 125 or higher dosages I barely noticed the clen working anymore.

    Im VERY VERY tolerant to all sorts of stimulants and weight loss substances in general, but this seems to be along the lines of what a lot of other people say too.

  4. Yea man........ anything longer than 2 weeks and you are totally doing it wrong.. reason being is that the receptors become null to the effects, and from there its just wasting clen,...... what I do is do clen for two weeks, then come off and cycle a thermogenic for 2 weeks. Clen is mostly just effective in those two week burst at the highest level you can confortably handle IMHO

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