superdrol anabolic/androgenic ratio

  1. superdrol anabolic/androgenic ratio

    Does anyone have an idea of how anabolic compared to androgentic this substance is? How would it compare to Var on an anabolic/androgenic ratio? Also, how much does the hair loss dilema come into effect compared with var?

  2. is ANYONE gonna answer this?

  3. No offense, but I only read the write-up once and I could probably answer this.****17

    The gains from Superdrol are very dry and lean, so numbers do not tell the whole story, but let us look at them nonetheless. According to the book values, Superdrol should be 20% as androgenic as the reference standard methyl-test, and 400-800% as anabolic, while M1T is 910-1600%, and Anadrol closer to 300%, while being twice as androgenic as Superdrol, mg for mg. So in theory, Superdrol should be half as anabolic as the same dosage of M1T, and 10-20% as androgenic.

    As has been stated, Superdrol is a mild androgen, and hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) should not be much of a concern if you are not very predisposed to it.

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  4. In comparison to anavar, it would be more androgenic and anabolic. It's dosed at 10-20mg with great anabolic effect. Var's usually anywhere from 40-100mg. Superdrol did cause sex drive increase for me wierdly so it is definitely androgenic to a degree.

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