Superdrol/Rebound XT Lipid Panel

  1. Superdrol/Rebound XT Lipid Panel

    I have an at home lipid panel test. This is the kind you send off to the lab. I've been doing a RXT only cycle (to rid myself of preexist gyno) and I'll be switching (per DS advice) to SD cycle in one day.

    My question is, when would be the most interesting to administer the test? The day of the changeover or after/during my SD cycle??? Just wanted to see which one would give the most info that hasn't been determined yet. I know we're all wondering about RXT/SD Lipid effects. Thanks.

  2. It might be best to get one pre-SD and then another one post-SD. If you can't do both then i would prolly wait and do it after you finish the cycle of SD.

    I would get some fish oil and policosanol and take them both every day while on. That will help to minize the lipid damage. Your post cycle results then may help us to know more about how much running cholesterol aids along side SD actually helps.

  3. Do you have a lipid profile for your baselines? It would be difficult to assess any changesto profile without this. That being said I would like to see the profile right after running the RXT but before using the SD. This would show us how RXT impacts lipid profiles that aren't already skewed due to androgen usage. It would be in your best interests though to run it after the SD and even after PCT to see what your pfolie is and whether a visit to the doc is necessary.

  4. Do you have a lipid profile for your baselines?
    No. I don't have any baselines. The closest I have was 2 yrs ago, but have had no AAS/PH usage previous. It will be obvious if HDL is extremely low that RXT is responsible. That would be what I want to know. I believe Dr. D said in a previous thread that HDL should not be affected by RXT due to receptor site interaction. I'm no expert, but would be curious to see if this holds true.

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