Summer cycle advice

  1. Summer cycle advice

    Hey guys, I need some advice and comments. I'm putting together a cycle for my friend and I to do in three weeks. I'm 5'10 at 214 with 15%bf (measured before starting cutting naturally last month... I'm looking leaner now, but don't know what % i went down). He's 6'1 at 180 with 11% bf. This will be his first cycle using compounds other than M1T a year ago. We're both looking to bulk very cleanly and hoping for some fat loss but it is not the main goal. We're looking to gain size, fullness and increase definition. We will also be doing cardio daily and sprint work twice a week on non-lifting days. Diet has been strict and clean (We'll post a log with all that in the cycle forum once this starts). Test is long ester, either cyp or enth. I'm considering either TEST,TREN, SUPERDROL or TEST,ANAVAR. Those are the compounds to work with but it isn't set in stone. Here are two I wrote out today, feel free to tear it apart and reconstruct it. Another question, what dose do you guys like to run anavar at? Is it worth it and does it really promote leanness as with tren?

    Week 1: Test 800mg, tren enanthate 300mg
    Weeks 2-10: Test 400mg
    Weeks 2-7: Tren enanthate 300mg
    Weeks 11-12: Superdrol 10mg ed

    Week 1: Test 500mg
    Weeks 1-2: Superdrol 10mg ed
    Weeks 2-10: Test 250mg
    Weeks 1-7: Tren enanthate 300mg
    Weeks 11-12: Superdrol 10mg ed


  2. var isn't worth it in that stack; especially if your going to use tren. the tren would mask all the benefits of the var besides the "feel good" feeling. i'd save it for a rainy day. i don't really think that all those compounds are necessary to run during the summer when you aren't looking to full out bulk. i would hold off on the tren just becuase it's such a powerful binder, and when you use it, it'd be best to use it effectively. but if you wanted to throw it in, what the hell. i'd do it this way...

    Week 1-12 Test 500mg
    Week 1-3 Superdrol 20mg/QD
    Week 8-12 Tren Ace 300mg
    Week 2-12 500iu HCG 2x/week
    Week 13-14 40mg Tamoxifen
    Week 15-16 20mg Tamoxifen
    Week 5-12 Arimidex to taste

    i'd say your body would undergo a massive recomp. the methasteron provides a little kick start while the test is taking hold. you get a good dose of test during the middle, and end on a insanely powerful androgen, which is always a plus in my book. the test will bloat you, and probably isn't what your looking for so i would get an aromitase inhibitor to hold off the bloat such as arimidex.

    have fun

  3. i agree with chasec except i would start the tren week 5 and run it to week 10 .. you get 6 weeks and don't end on a 19-nor which should make recovery easier than it would otherwise be

  4. good points.

  5. Honestly, for first cycles I'd leave out the tren e, and just do 750mg/week of test if you really want to grow fast. I'd also start with probably 40mg of dbol a day for 1-4.

    I would also start out with tren a rather than tren e, fewer sides, easier to stop quickly. 75mg eod seems to be a good dose for most people.

    These dosages will cause some fairly profound changes in your body, but I don't know anyone who gets on AAS to "lose that last couple pounds" or "just put on a few pounds". Either of those things is better done naturally IMO, by getting the training and diet in order. Drugs are for people who want to go to crazy places

  6. Here's some more info. We've decided it will be a straight bulker but with clean foods, calories will be upped significantly and cardio incorporated throughout the week. Both of us will be running the same compounds, but my friend's diet will incorporate more calories and leeway than mine. It would be a 12 weeker but i don't have hcg and really have only enough to run this properly for 10 weeks. I still have a question as to placement of the tren. It's tren enanthate, so why could I not run it from the start until week 7?

    Week 1-3 Superdrol 10mg/ed (could be upped, depending on his response)
    Week 1-10 Test 400mg
    Week 3-9 or 1-7 Tren enth 300mg
    Week 11-12 40mg Tamoxifen
    Week 13-14 20mg Tamoxifen
    Week 1-10 Arimidex as needed to control bloat

    I ran superdrol solo when it first came out at 10mg a day and made some great gains. This was with increased calories, mostly from extra carbs at breakfast, pre and post workout, so I think this should kick the cycle off nicely. The doses may be low for a bulk, but I think if calories and protein are adequate this should work well. I like to up the calories and intensity instead of increasing the amount of gear. I'm very gyno prone, he's not looking to get bloated and I already have the superdrol, so this is why we're not running drol or dbol at the front. I don't have access to HCG but want to know if Tribulus at high doses throughout will help with keeping testicular size up.

  7. I don't have access to HCG but want to know if Tribulus at high doses throughout will help with keeping testicular size up.
    I seriously doubt tribulus will be enough to keep the LH going. Are you certain you can't get your hands on hCG? Even ordering internationally it's pretty cheap...


  8. Ah, I was thinking domestic... I'll check into that. Are you on any other boards Kwantam? I need to get my PM's running on here, but I can't justify paying for it just yet. Dang I'm cheap, lol.

  9. Gentlemen, you are walking a very very fine line with the last little exchange..

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    Gentlemen, you are walking a very very fine line with the last little exchange..
    My apologies. Edited.



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