A Primer For The Fledgling Juicehead by Nelson M.

  1. A Primer For The Fledgling Juicehead by Nelson M.

    Check this one out fellas., thought you might like it

    A Primer For The Fledgling Juicehead.

    (And something to piss off just about everyone)

    1)...Steroids aren't as dangerous as they've been made out to be.

    This is mostly media sensationalism geared toward a paranoid populace.

    2)...Steroid's aren't as benign as they've been made out to be.

    Since the dangers have been exaggerated, people tend to think none exist. They do. And they're serious.

    3)...There is no such thing as a "cutting" cycle.

    Steroids are designed to repair muscle tissue. They are growth drugs. True, more muscle allows you burn more fat, but steroids will do little to get you lean. Drugs like Winstrol increase glucose deposition and don't cause water retention, giving the illusion of leanness, but it's just that -- and illusion that will quickly fade. Burning more calories than you take in is what gets you cut.

    4)...The amount of weight you want to gain from steroids is irrelevant.

    The body will only hold onto so much weight, no matter how much you do or how long you do it. So when someone says "I want to gain 20 pounds" your body is thinking, "Yeah...whatever."

    5)...Bridging is simply "not coming off."

    This is denial, plain and simple. You never know how well a cycle went until you've been off for at least a month -- off of EVERYTHING.

    6)...Higher dosages cause more suppression.

    Don't buy into the "you're suppressed anyway, so it doesn't matter" mentality. The more you take, the longer you'll be suppressed.

    7)...Long cycles are a waste of time.

    This is an ego/vanity thing. People love staying on and staying huge. But once you're off, your natural testosterone level (and the increase in cortisol) will not allow the body to hold onto the added muscle. However, since the body likes to maintain homeostasis
    it will attempt to hold on to the weight -- in the form of fat.

    8)...Stacking more than three drugs is superfluous.

    Essentially all steroids are based on the testosterone molecule but some have a higher anabolic nature. Taking 2 or 3 or 4 drugs that are all highly androgenic, is simply taking "more of the same thing." The body doesn't have "cypionate receptors" and "sustanon receptors." This "stacking" concept is pusedo science form the 80's that never went away.

    9)...If you can't afford what's good, don't do anything at all.

    When people bargain shop for steroids it reminds me of the guy who buys a $100 toupee because he can't afford one that cost $1000. Then he walks around looking like he has a raccoon on his head. He'd be better off bald. Some things just aren't conducive to "bargains" and steroids head the list. These are chemicals that are entering your bloodstream! Respect you body! How many more posts do we have to read about that speak of the side effects from crappy gear? Go with the good stuff, or go it alone.

    10)...Anti-e's are undependable, hinder gains and cause worse libido problems and increased lipid profiles than steroids in many individuals.

    Learn to do without them. If you need anti-e's it's a sure sign you're not constructing the most efficacious cycles.

    And don't forget; you can never be too careful when it comes to your health, and you can never be too cautious when it comes to the law.

  2. Sweet and concise. Nice rules to live by.

  3. Originally posted by DarCSA
    Sweet and concise. Nice rules to live by.
    I hope you are joking. This is some of the most ignorant advice ever given. This guy is a tool....

  4. lol fledgling juicehead eh? spouting misadvice, but why? pure ignorance?

  5. This guy is a complete moron at times..geeezzz. Anti-Es are bad? That is some downright scary information he is putting out there.

  6. I agree with him on the bridging thing I have said that for years , but anti-e's are worthless and hinder gains ????? both not true and I hope someone calls him on this or at least points out to Newbs that is just wrong anti-e's and proper ancillary therapy are the keys to keeping gains not hindering them


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