1,4 andro

  1. 1,4 andro

    I bought a bottle just of 1,4 to help appetite during a PH cycle, but I'm not doing that anymore as gear is arriving soon (barring extenuating circumstances at customs), so I was wondering if it's useful for that too? (Also, if the effective dosage is 600 mg a day, which I didn't know at first, that's 6 bottles for 60 days! $150.) Do you think it's necessary or useful to take while on test & deca?

  2. I would not bother. Its kind of a waste in my books to do it with gear.. Talk to ya...
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  3. Yeah, I'd say it'd be a waste to use it while on gear. If I had the chance I'd take gear over PHs any day. Although if you want to give your 1,4 andro away I'll take it

  4. You wouldn't want to take it with deca, since EQ is usually a replacement for deca and will probably compete with it (not sure to what degree, or if it even would at all)

    If you want a natural appetite stimulant you could try Fuzu/Tribestan.

  5. Devils claw is suposed to work awsome for appetite.. Talk to ya
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  6. FUZU's pretty expensive, but I was gonna invest in a good amount post cycle, cuz I've taken tribulus by itself before, and it boosted libido and test (and strength) by a good amount...so I was prepared for the idea that FUZU will be a huge lift. But, I don't know if I wanna do it the whole cycle...that's real expensive...the cycle I"m running, between all the gear, ALA, milk thistle, saw palmetto, nizorel, minoxidle, spiro hairstuff, flax, ZMA, etc,, it's like a thousand bucks. So...dunno if I have enough for FUZU, but if you think it would add even more to the cycle, (appetite aside), I might as well do that too. I figure, if I can work harder than I've ever in my life, and eat and sleep as hard, it's gonna be a damn good investment. So, fuzu or no fuzu?


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