1. 1-test/4-ad

    can you, or would you recomend, the possibillity of running some T-1 after a 4 week cycle of fina/4-ad?

  2. I think it would be a waste . With the fina you are getting the same effects(but better) tahn the 1-test and you were already running 4-ad... Just run the fina/4-ad longer if you want. It will take time for the 1-test to get into your system so it might be weird for your system to handle.. Hope that helps.. talk to ya

  3. I'm no expert but I think you want some time off between those cycles to allow natural test levels to return to normal. I guess it depends on how strong of a cycle your Fina and 4-ad is.

  4. Nevermind, Curt beat me, what he said.

  5. well i only have enough fina/4-ad for a 4 week cycle! So i was thinkin of making the cycle a little longer by buying the t-1 lotion. ??

  6. bump for curt, what do you think?

  7. Just do a 4 weeks fina cycle like you were going to do . Then 1 month later do a t1-PRO cycle.. Then you will be happy. Have a good post cycle for after the fina.. Talk to ya

  8. what is best opinion for a post cycle regimine?
    also, what workout style would you do post cyle?

  9. what if he took t1pro, then added the fina maybe week 3 or 4?

  10. im already on the fina/4-ad.

  11. Originally posted by iisahillbilly
    can you, or would you recomend, the possibillity of running some T-1 after a 4 week cycle of fina/4-ad?
    I wouldn't recommend it. During your fina/4-ad cycle, the reduction in natural test caused by the fina is being partially offset by the conversion of 4-AD to test. At the end of your cycle, you will have major natural test suppression which will no longer be offset by the 4-AD. Adding 1-test at that point will probably amplify the normal sides of a 1-test only cycle (lethargy, loss of libido), in other words: major crash.

    If your heart is set on extending your cycle with 1-test, then make sure that you are continuing the 4-AD as well.


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