2 week on cycles with SD?

  1. 2 week on cycles with SD?

    Has anyone actually tried 2-week on cycles as a part of a 2 on, 2 off, 2 on type cycle? I am considering this type to try to avoid some of the lipid issues discussed on the forum. Is 2 weeks enough time on to get benefits? Thanks all.

  2. It's different for everyone but I would think that would be just as bad as the 3 on 2 off repeat cycle that has been discussed on here. I'm doing a 4 week and done with it cycle..... I'm one day shy of being 3 full weeks in, I have 8 days to go, and when I weighed this morning I was 4 pounds higher than when I weighed friday (clocked in at 190, I was 182 when I started). I've read that some notice their best gains wk 3 to wk 4, and this seems to be what's unfolding for me as well... If I had only done 2 weeks I would have noticed strength gains and more vascularity, a little fat loss, but not much as far as weight goes... So depends on what you're looking for I guess, and how you respond...

  3. Going by personal experience, I'd recommend a longer than 2 week cycle with SD. I'm wrapping up week 3 right now. I didn't gain anything significant until the end of week 2 than BAM. The end of the 3rd week also brought on a couple extra pounds. Right now I'm up a total of 10 pounds.

  4. I had opposite results - my weight peaked during the latter half of the second week. I also didn't experience many sides until the third week.. so the next time I run SD, it'll be for two weeks - but from reading threads here, it seems like a lot of people react differently

  5. Santa, How much were you using? Weight? Thanks.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by rrgg
    Santa, How much were you using? Weight? Thanks.
    I used 10mg for the first week.

    Than bumped the dose to 20mg the second and thrid week.

    started at 193 lb

    now at 203 lb


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