Front loading 1-test??

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  1. Front loading 1-test??

    Well as we all know 1-test does not start to kick in hard until after week 2 with gains subsiding after 4 weeks.. To me this sucks so I had a thought.. What about front loading for the first week of the cycle. This may get the ball rolling faster....

    This is my thought. Say you were going to do a 400mg/day cycle for 4 weeks... How about for the first week you do 800mg/day.. I know that sounds like alot but if it can extend the gainning window from 2 weeks to 3 then i think it would be worth it... Let me know what you guys think... I may try this for my cutting cycle in may if we think it is a viable option... hehehe Talk to ya
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  2. I think front loading is more to increase hormone levels rapidly from a fast acting product when your main hormone is a long acting androgen. Like taking props at the begging of a enathanate cycle.

    I believe 1 test gains take time to appear since the gains are a result of increased protein synthesis and similar as opposed to a nueral upgrade. Maybe running 5AA at the begging of a cycle would increase strength and agression for the first few weeks while waiting for additional muscle to be built from the 1Test.

    Of course thats just my limited opinion. Definatley not an expert so I'd like to see what others have to say.

  3. With the transdermal way you reach peak blood levels at about 7-9 days... This would help you reach PBL after 1-2... hehehe. Good thoughts though weis.. Talk to ya..
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  4. One question....

    How cost effective will frontloading be? You're increasing the plasma levels or saturating them with hormones, which I understand, but Im not seeing this as that cost effective, especially when the majority of people here are gaining 12, 15, + pounds.

  5. It may not be cost effective for those who do not make their own but i have no quams with $$$.... If its gona help the gains a stregth start sooner then I will do it.. Talk to ya...
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  6. Originally posted by curt2go
    With the transdermal way you reach peak blood levels at about 7-9 days... This would help you reach PBL after 1-2... hehehe. Good thoughts though weis.. Talk to ya..

    Well even considering that maybe slightly higher doses might be benefical.   But 800 mg/day would have a pretty significant effect IMHO.  Possibly 500 for 3-5 days, but not really sure.

    What about using an alternative deliver system?  I am pretty sure oral PHs might be an idea since they enter the system a little quicker and have a more sudden raise.  Maybe 1,4 at 400-800 mg a day over several doses for the first week?  Injecting would probally be a sure way to reach a high level quickly if an esterless hormone was injected, but probally not an option for most PH users.

    You got me interested in this idea now. 

  7. I like the properties of 1-test. So I don't want to use something else to get things going I want to use it... i will be using 1,4 as well as 4-ad but I think front loading in big quantiies may just work.. Talk to ya.
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  8. Curt, Weismuller is right about the orals. I have used all the delivery methods, and oral 1-test will kick in much faster. The ethergels seem to take awhile; not sure why; but the 2nd day on mag-10, I can feel a strength increase, as well as an increased pump. I talked this over with K (same) a while back, and he agreed that taking Mag-10 right along with a transdermal product like one+ would increase the potency of 1-test above what either method could offer alone. Just not cost efficient for most people, but like you, I don't count pennies where a cycle is involved.

    1-AD may be good as well, this I haven't tried; but Mag-10 has both 1-test and 4-AD. 5AA did little at all for me, boldione was good, though.

  9. I don't have the option of 1-ad or mag-10 . I have 1-test and 4-ad powder. So i think getting big amounts into your system right away may do the trick..... i don't know thought.. But the oral idea is not viable for me unless i eat my 1-test .. hehehe...Burn baby burn .... Talk to ya.
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  10. i say give it a go curt. if it helps put on a few more pounds of lean mass, that would kick ass. may is a ways off though, maybe someone else would be willing to try it for bulking within the next month or two?

  11. From my own experience...

    I think frontloading is good, I'm too much of a, "I wanna feel it NOW!" type of person.. If I can get the compound in my bloodstream faster and get a good saturation going, I'll do it.. I frontloaded with my recent cycle, and my first 1-test cycle last year with Tren-X.. I used 8ml per day of Tren-X (4ml twice daily) then dropped the dose to 4ml per day over the first 2 weeks of the cycle.. I did the same this year with my recent cycle of Tren-X/ONE, and I feel the same I did before, only I got sick faster this time around and only 2 weeks on oral 4AD..

  12. Well since 1fast has no burn cyclo 1-test how about front loading with that??

    For example just apply the transdermal at dosage 400mg(hehehe) and for the first week add 200mg extra from the cyclo(it absorbs better than transdermal). What do ya think about that... Talk to ya

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  13. Sounds like a good plan ya have there in the last one curt, Oral absorption of the cyclo'd stuff is around 90% right?

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  14. I say go for it Curt, I think the quicker you can get those blood levels up the better, especially for 4 week cycles. I realize it's not an option for you, but as said above I would think 1-AD would work fairly well for that in conjunction with trans. Let us know if you do front load

  15. yeah it should be around 90%, just make sure u split it up, like 40 mg, 5 times a day or something. since its fast absorbing, i would say it would definitely be a good pre-workout supp. kinda like in-rage, except oral, and 1-test.

  16. I did the same as Petefox in the past with Tren-X......doubled the dose for a few days, then droped to the regular dose. It seemed to work very well. I am considering doing that my next cycle since I had NO weight gain at all with my last cycle (homebrew). Mabe something like this will help.

  17. I am definately going to try it.... Don't know if i can get my hands on some cyclo 1-test before then or I will just be double dosing the transdermal... I am going to be using it to cut on my next cycle.... Starting in May sometime.. Talk to ya...
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  18. What is your cycle, how long break it down for us. Jeez 400 mg a day of 1 test is 1260 absorbed a week. Thisis way beyond lost your mind dosing. Which is 933 absorbed a week.

  19. Originally posted by DreamWeaver
    What is your cycle, how long break it down for us.

    Look here:****636

  20. Holy **** does anybody else dose like this. Curt you crazy lol
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  21. Originally posted by DreamWeaver
    Holy **** does anybody else dose like this. Curt you crazy lol
    This is what I did a while back:

  22. I have always liked high doses.. this next cycle is going to be 400mg/day 1-test... Not sure about the front loading but I may try 800mg/day for 1 week.. But not sure If I will die from that or not.. hehehe. talk to ya...

    PS I am walking in the footsteps of wardog who does doses high enough that no one will follow... hehehe
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  23. Well I will go 250 a day and I have a little 1AD left I may try a front load with that.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  24. Curt, there is no such thing as too much fina, or too high a dose of any

    J/K for all you newbies, it is an inside joke.

  25. I knew you would agree with me WD.. hehehe. Thanx for the support.. i only needed 1 person to agree with me to try it... Talk to ya
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