My test prop/Eq cycle help me out

  1. My test prop/Eq cycle help me out

    hey guys here it is. My sumemr cycle:
    weeks 1-10 Eq 500mg a week 2x injection 250mg
    1-10 Test Prop or test E cant decide if test prop 100mg ed
    if test E 250mg injections 2x a week
    HCG-2500 Iu a week (where does this fit in i heard 2 weeks only)
    CLomid 2days after last prop injection 100mg 100mg 50mg 50mg
    Nolva 2days after last prop injection 60mg 40mg 40mg 20mg each of the #s of PCt is a week

  2. there have probably been 200 threads on eq and test cycles AS WELL AS another 200 on hcg .. do a search and you'll find what you're looking for .. but i can tell you right now there are problems with the way this cycle is set up as well as your HCG set up

  3. does anyone know proscar?

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