AAS testing and the military???

  1. AAS testing and the military???

    does anyone know if the Military tests for AAS??, i am seriously thinking of joining the Air Force and was a little curious as to what they might test for,, any ideas? thanks


  2. NO.. too costly for them to test for.. but I wouldn't go into basic on cycle mainly test for the "normal" rec drugs.. MJ, X, coke, etc..

  3. Cool

    yeah, i think ill wait until after basics before hitting another cycle,, or maybe hit a short one before,, depending on when i go into basics,, thanks for the feedback bro,


  4. well if you were doing the Army I would say don't to basic during the summer especially if you are going to Ft. Benning GA.. heat will fry you like an egg.. well that and the humidity

  5. If someone turns you in for doing gear they will test you for it and you will get no notice beforehand. I know 2 bros who got snitched on and were pulled aside and asked to take an AAS test. Both failed the test but were not discharged. They went thru counseling and a probation process with frequent testings before moving on with their military careers, but it pretty much anhialated ther military careers. This is part of their files now and they can not get rid of it. You will not advance to special assignments ever after this. Your future rank possibilities will also be limted. Pretty much messes it all up for you, but they won't dishonor discharge you unless you test positive again..

  6. I was accused when I was in the airforce but fortunate for me I was not on them. They won't test for AS unless some one rats you out. Don't join the air force until Sept the heat in Texas will eat you alive during the summer

  7. Yeah, what these guys have said is true, generally, at the least for the Army, they do not test for AS but they can if its use is suspected. It's pretty much at your commander's discretion. But, I knew a lot of guys who did cycles regularly while I was in and they never ran into any problems so you'd have to use your own discretion, but it would be a waste to do a cycle immediately before basic training, and yeah Ft. Benning is a ****in hell hole all year round but especially in the summer.


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