1. BUMP TO 20MG M1T

    I have been on M1T for a week now, no noticeable gains as yet, i think my strength has gone up slightly but nothing major.....

    As for sides, i have been feeling pretty tired and last night didnt get a proper nights sleep, appetite is a little supressed, ive also been feeling a little bit odd, like really hot in the face and then the feeling subsides, dont know if thats something to do with blood pressure?

    should i bump to 20 mg or wait a bit longer??

  2. take a look at your diet before considering bumping up the dosage.

  3. I have been on gaspari m1t for about 11 days now i uped the dosage to 20mg about 3 days ago. I am in the same boat you are in except for the hotf ace part. A couple of my buddys who have used it said you got to make sure you are eating alot like 6 meals a day.

  4. I know it kicks in quick, but 1 week is not enough time to start considering this. 10 days or so, and then I would ssess the need. It seems like it is definitely working, just keep your eye on it.

    I only need 5mgs, although I respond well, the last time I ran an m1t cycle I was 290 so. . .

  5. Takes 30mg and 3 weeks for me to see results, not advocating that just showing some people need higher dosages.



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