M1T cycle cut short. PCT options?

  1. M1T cycle cut short. PCT options?

    Alright guys I need some input for PCT. I am coming off exactly a 2 week cycle of M1T/4AD (today). I had planned on running it for 4 weeks, but a day after I started the cycle I came down with a sinus cold and it has not gone away. I started feeling better for a couple of days last week, but this weekend it seemed to just come back. I am worried I may have to go to the doc if I don't start getting better, I wouldn't want this to manifest into anything worse. I hadn't taken any meds until this morning (Sudafed), I just had to get something in my damn system. I was running NAC, Milk Thistle, and Hawthorne Berry in conjuction with the M1T and will continue to do so PCT. I have Nolva, what dosage should I run for the next 2 weeks?

    Funny thing is I was still able to gain a good 10lbs even though my diet went to **** the last few days, so if possible I would like to try and keep what I put on. Also, if by chance this cold does go away within the week, what would you guys think of just turning this into a 2on2off2on cycle? Any benefit you think or should I just wait and make a solid run at it again after PCT and equal time off? Thanks.

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  4. Finish the short cycle and than run nolva. After pct maybe wait abit than start a fresh 3-4 week cycle. Run nolva 40 40 20 20 to better the chances of keeping your gains.

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