Novadex xr while on?

  1. Novadex xr while on?

    I won't do this myself, but, I was just thinking... Can you use Novadex XT on cycle like some use real Nolva to prevent gyno? It is probably another 6 months before I do my first big cycle as I am trying to get everything in order. I was planning test cyp, deca, and M1T. I also will use something on cycle to prevent gyno since I am prone( in the process of riding myself of some). A guy I know really well runs test at 150 and uses Novade XT while on and he said it works great. Any thoughts? I have always been curious about these OTC anti e's while on cycle.

  2. Why not get something proven like Nolvadex?

  3. Just a hypothetical question. Say you have nolva on hand but also have novadex xt. You start your cycle by taking both the aas and novadex xt to prevent gyno. Then you can use the nolva if it occurs. I think it would be a good experiment.... That way for those that can't get prescription at any time can use OTC Novadex XT or even Rebound XT while on.

  4. you dont need a prescription for nolvadex.... technically.

  5. I am just saying....



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