Question on making pain free injectibles

  1. Question Question on making pain free injectibles

    I am looking to homebrew a trenbolone enanthate mixture @ 300mg/ml. My previous experiences with this were quite painful, and I would like to minimize the pain to avoid training interruptions in my next cycle. Does anyone have suggestions about making the solution as pain free as possible? I've heard skye mention adding a portion of something called "ethyl oleate" in place of your sterile oil of choice, if anyone has any other suggestions to contribute in order to make the least painful solution possible (more in terms of soreness after than pain during injection) I'd love to hear them.

  2. buddy of mine makes 2%BA 17%BB 300mg trenenan. haven't tried it personally, he said it's painless though.

  3. I'll shoot JonBlaze a PM to check this thread. He may have a good method.

  4. i'd make it at 17% BB and 3% BA, maybe 2.5%. I just made tren enan about a week ago at 250mg/ml using 17% BB and 2.8% BA, and it's been completely painless for both me and my roomie.

  5. Try 2%BA and 20%BB. Painless.

  6. You should be able to mix up most enan estered gear at 350mg/ml without any pain. At least from my experience it's always been painless.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Saggy
    Try 2%BA and 20%BB. Painless.
    The best way to make all homebrew. This makes the oil thin & keeps the product in depot.

  8. I found a way to stop "all" my injection site pain. Works best on the
    waterbased "Winstrol Depot" suspension test. Now I do this with my 4 blend
    test (Sustanon) absolutely no pain the next day.

    I hope youre ready for this...use a vibrator. A handheld vibrator to mix the ****
    out of the solution, maybe 5 minutes. Just shaking it is not good enough.

    I'm new at this game and this may not be a new idea, but maybe this post will
    help someone that has not tried this....

    if it works please respond ..if it does not work...oh well.

    By the way NEVER SHAKE HGH or HCG.


  9. [QUOTE=Saggy]Try 2%BA and 20%BB. Painless.

    This is what I'd do


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