1ad/4ad stacked with max lmg?

  1. 1ad/4ad stacked with max lmg?

    Any thoughts??????????????????

  2. Why not


  3. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm
    Why not
    Good answer. I like your straight forwardness Ryan.

  4. I really don't get the question? I mean do some research, and decide on your own. Besides it's too damn new to really know one from the other. So all that went through my head, and I said "Why not", lol.

  5. That should be the universal answer for every silly question asked. "Ummm should I stack M1T, SD, Mdien and M4ohn?" "Sure, why not."..."Should I jump of this bridge?" "Why not, go for it."...Simple, yet to the point.

  6. seems like alot to me, i probably wouldnt
  7. Smile

    Quote Originally Posted by enimity
    Any thoughts??????????????????
    I think the question is legit because I still don't know how to compare MAX with other things. Searching new threads has elicited some info, but I don't think anyone as of yet has posted exactly what MAX is structurally and effectively comparable to. I'm hoping ALR and/or some of his team will address this in more depth. In fact, the question has been posed a few times in various ways in various threads.

    If anyone does have more info, please pipe up or point us to the right place!!! Thanks!

  8. Thanks for the replies, dont think I havent searched. I read boards like these nightly for about 12 months now.

    Seeing that any advice would be theoretical at this point I guess my question should have been (for those who are up on there chemistry) any reason why you couldn't stack 13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10)-diene-17-one with 1ad/4ad?

    Other than inhibiting estrogen and minimizing bloat and gains to some extent can any one see other possible side effects?


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