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  1. liqua-solutions Clomid

    Hello, I see that this form of clomid is in liquid form. It comes with a dropper and you just drink it I imagine? Or how do you take it? Also how many of these dropper servings per day are you supposed to take? And how long will the one $25 of the clomid last me? I am planning on using this for my 4 week on 4 week off 4 week on cycle of Super One +. I am sorry for being uneducated with clomid. Thanks in advance I appreciate it.

  2. Are you from by chance?

    Its liquid, yes and you take it orally (drink it), and it was last dependant upon how many mL's you consume a day. If you take 100mgs a day, thats 2mL ED.

  3. Yeah i go on both message boards, this one and a few other ones. But what would be the standard doseing that most people use for ph post cycle using clomid? so 2mL once a day? and at what time of day or does it not matter? and for how long should i run the clomid for? after a 4 week cycle? thanks in advance!


  4. Holy ****.....calm down.....

    If you're doing a 4 weeker, I would start at 100mgs ED for a week, then 50mgs ed for a week, etc.
    Doesnt matter what time of day...

  5. I'm wondering if 20-40mg a day for 4wks would be fine after a 4 weeker?????

  6. What doses are you running?

  7. For example 200mg 1-test and 200mg 4ad a day? And how do you determine this??

  8. You would probably be fine with 50mgs ED..... but I like to play it safe personally and start at 100mgs just in case.... theres plenty in a bottle.

  9. So, you always start at 100mg for a week then taper down to what????? and for how many weeks? Thanks.
  10. hemotep
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    Im doing a 5 weeks cycle..570mg 4ad and 285mg 1Test per day..i plan on doing clomid 100mg ED the first week and 50mg ED the this pretty much seems the standard...this ****s no need to skimp..50ml is more than enough.

  11. Why did you choose clomid over nolvadex? effectiveness,Price, personal preference, reference?
    did you order your clomid online?
    thanks bro.
  12. hemotep
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    Nolva is more for use during cycle to help prevent gyno...clomid for post cycle to help restore natty test production. I dont see gyno being a problem for me, so I did not order the nolva.


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