Fina or Winny and Prop?

  1. Fina or Winny and Prop?

    I'm getting ready to start this cutting cycle this weekend but need some opinions on how to finish it. I haven't ran a cycle in about 3 years. Any advice appreciated!

    Weeks 1-10 Test Enth 500mgs and EQ 400mgs
    Here is where I'm not sure which to choose

    Weeks 8-13 Winsrol 50mgs ED
    Weeks 11-13 Test Prop 75mgs EOD
    Weeks 8-13 Fina 75mgs EOD

    Weeks 14-17 Nolva/Clomid



  2. i would run the fina since winny is pretty hard on joints. if you do choose to run fina i wouldn't run it the last weeks of you cycle. i'd run it weeks 4-9 or 5-10 since it will shut you down pretty hard and runing the test a few weeks past it will make for a better recovery.

  3. 10 weeks of eq isn't long enough and you should run the enan a week past eq so they clear at the same time

    don't end on tren .. too harsh

  4. *whoops.

    thought the test was to week 13. if you run fina, run it for 6 weeks and stop it 2 weeks before your last test inject.

  5. Thanks fellas!


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