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m5aa/mdht and cholesterol

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    m5aa/mdht and cholesterol

    I had been making searches for this on many of the boards. I was curious as to running a solo cycle of m5aa or mdht for various reasons. I am familiar with their ease on supression and liver values when compared to other methylated hormones. What i wanted to know is if they alter your cholesterol in a bad away, by killing off hdl or elevated overall cholesterol. I ran several m1t cycles in the past and didnt like it when i found out what it does to lipids and really want to keep my heart healthier.
    Also if someone could relate information pertaining to proviron or masteron that may help since they seem pretty similair. I just could not find this info. Thanks.

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    MDHT is slightly stronger than winnys effects research winny

    It wont wreak havoc on them but it will alter to unacceptable levels so take red yeast rice on cycle.

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